Final Blog Post


Yes….we completed everything and the course finished.Firstly,I was afraid of this course and I thought that I couldnt do it.I knew that this lesson will be beneficial because it provides a lot of uses.

”Today teachers use this system in lessons and this is beneficial for all students because it ensures visuality.”I said this in the first time and I wasn’t wrong on it.We learned a lot of things and we learned beneficial and interesting things that we will use with our students in future.I defeated my bias and I see that I can do it.And this is very good for me.

The courses was very good.We weren’t bored because it finished early.It was enjoyable as we could make it .You were subsidiary to us everytime.

In short I am very glad from course and I will use it with my students.It is one of the most beneficial courses I think…THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING TEACHER!!!

And Final Course…………


This week was last course… Our final topics were “weebly (for creating website) and “second life” ( three dimension environment). We firstly argued on the weebly site for creating a website for free. We should visit to create an account and it is easy and we can our presentation on it.We can make our own websites or blog.We can use it in future with our students.Because they can create their websites and share text,vide and make slide shows etc…
Second topic is second life.Teachers can control their students on digital environment. We can see the benefit of second life there.I think every sites on internet should be controlled or of course can be harmful.We can use in future but so we must be careful.
This semester we’ve learned very much things and we’ve learned beneficial and important things.I hope I can use them in future with my sweet students.Thank you SEDAT TEACHER…



This week the eleventh week and this lesson will finish.Actually,although this lesson was hard for me sometimes,it was enjoyable.We learned a lot of things and we can use them with our students in the future time.
This week we talked about NPR(National Public Radio).NPR was created in 1970 and it distributes news and cultural programming.You can upload record by using audiboo.You can use it for reporting, storytelling, education.You can listen and watch a lot of video or recording.There are a lot of categories to listen and they develop listening skills.It is a very useful site.
We can use it for ourselves.Because pronounciation is very important for us and it must be developed.

Digital Storytelling and Story Jumper


This week we learned how make digtal storytelling and story jumper.Teacher gave tasks related with them.These are really enjoyable and I could make them but they take very much time.story jumper is more better because if you want,you will have your book.Do you think it is your book?ıt is great thing!ıt is very easy and if you cant make it,you can learn thanks to its video.Characters and scenes that you can use are available.Thanks to them,you can make your own story.
Digital storytelling is aiso easy.You can make it with movie maker.You use your speech record and pictures related with story and write text.You prepare a video.They takes time but in the end there are good things.
We can use them in our school life and I believe students’ll have fun.

social media


This week,we learned things which we know and use usually.These are facebook,twitter and skype.Today everybody has facebook and twitter.We spend very very time on internet because of it.Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckenberg.Sometimes ı think if it wasn’t founded,what would we do?It is really tragicomic.We upload videos,listen music,play games,chat with our friends and family etc…Now ı dont want to use facebook but there are some groups about our lesson and ı must follow them.In the future ı wont use it because ı am bored so much.
Second is twitter.Twitter is unnecessary for me.I think twitter is for people unbosoming themselves.They writes usually somethings about themselves or life and another.Twitter is like facebook.You can share video,maxıms,photograph etc…I didnt have twitter but ı have now for lesson.It isnt necessary for me.
Third one skype…I dont use skype.But it is also like other social medias.We can add friends, share our thoughts, celebrate birthdays, learn different has online video call.Especially it is free and we can use it by telephone,computer.This will be good if I think to use it.



Another important and useful tool, wiziq. We have learned about online conferencing.We can use it with our presentation.ıt gives opportunity for face-to-face education.ıt is international. You can learn from experts on a subject or ask question from can use and you can get help for homework, especially it is enjoyable for students because they can chat. It is free for both teacher and learners.ı dont know completely but when ı learn well,ı can use it with my students in the future ı hope.

online classroom


this week ı couldnt attend the lesson but ı could take information from my nice friends:)teacher gave two useful sites.they are and is an organization of Internet professionals who donate their time to provide services for the Internet community. One of Nicenet’s primary goals is bringing communication tools and resources.Setting up a class on the Internet Classroom Assistant takes about 2 minutes. You will be asked to choose a username and password, then a name for your class, some contact information, and that’s it. You will be assigned a unique ‘key’ for your class that you can give to your students so they can create user accounts and access your class.Mostly it is used for reading and writing.The other is can add quizzes for learners and its chat availability gives students the chance of asking questions each other.Teacher can controll it.It is more enjoyable.when ı am teacher,ı can use it.these two online education programs will be very useful for me.